Tools and materials for making jewellery from home


Making jewellery is a fun hobby, side hustle or full time business but when you’re starting it can be difficult to know the tools and materials you need to buy. So here is our run down of the main tools and materials for silver jewellery, beading and metal clay. You’re welcome!

silver jewellery tools and materials

We love working with silver but it can be a bit overwhelming to know what you need and what the tools are called. Take a look at this video where Jessica covers the main tools and materials you need to get started with making silver jewellery from home.


For silver jewellers and metal clayers a jewellers torch is a must. Here is how to safely fill your gas torch at home. Make sure you always do so in a well ventilated area away from any flames.


Do check out our FREE Silver Jewellery Making for Absolute Beginners online course > if you haven’t already. You’ll learn how to make stacker rings and a silver bar necklace.


silver clay tools and materials

Silver clay is a different way of working with silver. You buy the clay pre-made in a packet. Silver clay is made of recycled silver particles, an organic binder and water. The clay can be shaped and fired with a jewellers torch to make hallmark quality silver. It is a fantastic material to work with from home because you don’t need much equipment. Take a look at the tools and materials for getting started with silver clay.


beading tools and materials

We love working with beads! All the different colours, shapes, gemstones, glass - they possibilities are endless! Here is a rundown of the tools and materials you need to get started with beading (hint: you don’t need to break the bank).


We hope you’ve found this rundown of tools and materials for silver jewellery, silver clay and beading helpful. We’d love to hear about your favourite tools so do join our Facebook group or check us out on Instagram.


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