How to Sell Your Jewellery Without Being Salesy


Ever feel awkward when trying to sell your handmade jewellery? You are not alone! Join Jess in this weeks video podcast with practical steps and actions you can take to master your selling technique and enjoy the process of selling.

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Funding and grants for jewellers

As our business grows sometimes we need some extra funding or support get get the next stage off the ground. See our round-up of grants, loans, awards and opportunities for jewellers and help us add any more to the list…

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Building a Website for Your Jewellery Business


Want to build an amazing website for your jewellery business? One that attracts plenty of visitors and generates sales? Join the FREE online masterclass with Jessica Rose, starting this week - grab your spot today…

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Case study - getting press for your jewellery business

Want to see how getting featured in the press is done? Check out this case study from Anna Campbell our Community Manager at Jewellers Academy. Anna has had success in getting featured in the press with her jewellery and has some great tips on how you can too!

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How to Get Your Jewellery Business Featured in Magazines


Ready to get your jewellery business featured in some glossy mags? This week Jess covers top tips for getting noticed and pitching to journalists with your jewellery business. Watch to find out more…

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Personal versus business Instagram account - which do you choose?


Instagram is THE place to be for jewellers on the web but should you choose a personal or a business Instagram account?

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How to Build a Loyal Following on Instagram


Join inspiring jeweller and instagrammer Caitlin booth in this inspiring interview all about building a loyal following, connecting and making sales through instagram!

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How to Sell Your Jewellery On Instagram


Instagram is THE place to be for jewellers on the web! Join me, in this FREE short course on how to build your audience, create meaningful interactions and generate sales for your business through instagram.

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How to Sell Your Jewellery On Etsy


Etsy can be a wonderful place to sell but some of us struggle to get sales or seen in a crowded market. Today we look at what you can do to get those sales in through Etsy. 

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