Make your jewellery business



Planning on starting a jewellery business? Or perhaps you are up and running and looking to grow!

We are here to help you reach your goals and build the business of your dreams! See our business programmes below and click on the links to find out more.

If you wanted jewellery making courses, check out our courses here.

Jewellers Academy membership

Membership site full of jewellery business and making support for jewellers

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Take the free online course to build your following and master instagram for your jewellery business.


We ran a live challenge to build your instagram through stories. You can now take it at any time and master the techniques to make stand-out stories for your audience.

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Learn to take professional photos of your jewellery at home in this in-depth online course.

Free Jewellery Business Tutorials

Watch the latest in our free jewellery business tutorials over on the video podcast with Jessica Rose.


What would you do with £1000 for your jewellery business? Applications for 2018 are now closed but we plan to offer Jewel Fund again in 2019 so check here for more info and to be notified when we are open for applications again

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Create a stand out brand for your jewellery business with support from the experts and step-by-step tutorials.


Just starting out, try our FREE 3-part video series on how to start your jewellery business.

This course has been invaluable to my budding business. It’s given me the confidence to get out there and create! With a wealth of advice and information, I feel like I now have the tools to start my jewellery business and grow it.
— Charlotte Broom of Lottie Bird Designs