Lovers of all things shiny! 

Ok well specifically gemstones for me… for as long as I can remember I have loved gemstones and jewellery, making things and being creative.

The only thing was I didn’t realise you could build a successful career out of this love… turns out you can! It’s called jewellery making!

And if you are here visiting our lovely little site then you are probably a jeweller lover too….


About Jewellers Academy…

Jewellers Academy (formerly Jewellery School Online) grew out of the London Jewellery School (awesome place to make jewellery in London, UK, and one of the world’s largest jewellery training centres! Where over 20,000 students have trained to date). We exist to support jewellers to be the very best they can be! How? With training on how to run successful, profitable and sustainable jewellery businesses, and world-class training on developing your making skills at the same time. 

We know that everyone who has the passion, can run a hugely rewarding jewellery business, with ample income, fulfilment and joy from their own businesses. But we also know this is hard on your own and having walked that path ourselves we are here to support you thorough each and every stage of your jewellery business and making journeys!


Jessica Rose 

Hi I’m Jess, so lovely you meet you! I’m delighted to share some of my journey in to jewellery with you and can’t wait to learn about your jewellery journeys too! 

I founded the London Jewellery School in 2009 after falling in love with jewellery and launching my own jewellery brand, which I sold throughout the UK, overseas and online. Over the course of the past ten years I have set up and run 5 different jewellery businesses, some more successful than others, I have certainly made my fair share of mistakes, but mostly learnt a lot along the way about jewellery and business and how they work best together. 

Now that I have had my lovely son (Harry) I spend my time working on Jewellers Academy, building an online space for jewellers to get support, business guidance and making courses to grow and become the amazing jewellers they are!

Jessica Rose Jewellery Making

Through my jewellery businesses I have had lot of fun and some great experiences…

  • Meeting the former UK prime minster David Cameron and telling him all about metal clay! 
  • Founding the London Jewellery School (my proudest achievement to date)
  • Writing my own jewellery making book (Bead, Wire & Fashion Jewellery) 
  • Winning some amazing business awards (NatWest Everywoman Business Award, Professional Jeweller Hot 100,  HP Smart Business Award, Smarta 100 & more) 
  • Teaching Robert Peston (ITV Journalist) how to make Cocktail Rings! 
  • Teaching metal clay on Create & Craft TV
  • Completing a mini-MBA for high-growth entrepreneurs (total business geek!) 
  • And of course most importantly, meeting 1000’s of budding jewellery students, supporting them to hone their skills and set up some truly incredible jewellery businesses.

Of course it was not all plain sailing…

I knew nothing about running a business or making jewellery when I started out. I just knew I loved it and it was what I wanted to do!

We have to follow our dreams or they will follow us forever, right? 

Although I made a lot of mistakes – and still do! It has been an amazing journey and I hope that you will be part of the next chapter. I am here to support you, I appreciate you being here and would love to work together. Through this site there are a whole bunch of ways to do just that. Either by signing up to try some free courses, joining my membership community, taking part in our flagship course the Jewellery Business Bootcamp or developing your making skills through our making courses. 

I would love to connect with you and keep on the jewellery chat! So come find me over on instagram and on the community facebook page. 

I look forward to learning more about you on this jewellery adventure we are all on! 

Speak soon, 


Jess x