How to increase sales for your jewellery business quickly




It can be tempting spend all your time promoting your jewellery on social media but email marketing is actually the number 1 place for getting sales. But how do you use email effectively? Here are some tips on what to say when you email your customers

how to increase sales for your jewellery business

email marketing may not be as exciting as social media but it’s the place to go to get sales

Think about it. Your email list (however small it is) is full of people who are interested in YOU and what you do. That’s very valuable and you should be keeping in touch with your subscribers regularly.

But what should you say?

  1. Connect with your customers

    If people are choosing to buy handmade jewellery they are interested in you, your inspiration and your new designs. Tell them about what you’ve been up to in the last few weeks. Are you working on a new collection that you could share a peek at? Have you been at a gallery getting inspiration? The more your customers connect with you as a jeweller the more they are likely to think of you when they want to buy jewellery for themselves or for a gift

  2. Tell them about new collections or work

    It is easy to get so caught up with making, photographing, pricing etc etc your new work it’s easy to forget that final step - let people know! Your newsletter subscribers are going to be very interested in new pieces or collections that you have so tell them about it. You could also give them a pre-sale or first look at a new collection.

  3. test out offers on your email list

    Your email list is a great group to test out offers to see if they’re worth adding to your website or social media. Think about whether you can give a discount if people buy matching items, would buy more if they got a free shipping code etc.

  4. Thank them!

    Do remember to thank your newsletter subscribers for showing interest in what you’re doing. We are all subscribed to so many emails nowadays so we need to appreciate those that receive them!

email marketing for jewellers with jessica rose

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