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Teaching jewellery making as part of your jewellery business


Interested in teaching jewellery making as part of your jewellery business? Here are my top tips for a successful class

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12 underrated gemstones for your jewellery designs with Kernowcraft

We’re excited to welcome a guest blog post from Kernowcraft featuring 12 underrated gemstones for your jewellery designs. Have you heard of these beautiful stones?

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FREE COURSE - adding gold to metal clay


Join our FREE course to learn three different ways to add gold to your metal clay designs

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How to create embellishments in metal clay


Learn five ways to make embellishments for your metal clay jewellery

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Introducing the monthly payment plan for Jewellers Academy membership


If you’ve been looking at all the great content and support you get as a member of Jewellers Academy but haven’t been able to afford an annual payment we have great news for you!

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How to polish your silver jewellery to a mirror finish


Getting a good finish on your silver jewellery is important but how do you do it? Find out here

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How to create an amazing blog


What could a blog do for traffic to your website? Watch the podcast to find out!

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Pitching your jewellery business to bloggers and influencers


Would you like to work with bloggers and influencers on Instagram and social media? If so we have some tips and guidance for you

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Interview with January Jewelry


Enjoy our interview with Melissa, founder of January Jewelry and find out how she launched her business, how she manages branding, photography, pricing and juggling work/life balance and more.

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Silver jewellery making for absolute beginners - free course


Enjoy this brand new free silver jewellery for absolute beginners course

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Bezel Setting tutorial


Learn how to shape bezel strips for setting different shaped stones. in silver jewellery

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Finding your Ideal Customer in your Jewellery Business


We all know how important it is to have a clear idea of who our ideal customer is so that we can market to them, go to events they will be at and attract them as followers online. But how do we get started with working out who they are?

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Interview with the Brand Stylist


Want to know the secrets to creating a beautiful style to your brand? Join me in this interview with the wonderful Fiona Humberstone AKA The Brand Stylist.

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Build a handmade jewellery business


Join me in this latest free video tutorial where I run through 10 things you can get started with straight away to launch and build your handmade business.

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Finding your Unique Style as a Jeweller


Finding your niche/ unique style as a jeweller helps your business to have an identity, to stand out from the crowd and will lead to more sales. But how do you do it? Here are some suggestions

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Ways to pay for Jewellers Academy Membership


Jewellers Academy is now open for new members but how can you pay for it? Take a look at some suggestions

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Making More Money in your Jewellery Business


Sounds good right? Join me in this video to look at how you could be making more money in your jewellery business.

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Using video to promote your jewellery business


Video brings your jewellery to life for your customers. Have a listen to find out ways that you can use video to boost engagement and sales in your jewellery business.

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Staying motivated in your jewellery business


Strategies for staying motivated, focused and on-track in your jewellery business

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DIY: Gemstone & Wire Jewellery Making Tutorial


A great tutorial for beginner jewellery makers. In this video learn a simple technique that will allow you to make earrings, necklaces and even bracelets in minutes. We also look at how to make nice professional handmade earwires to elevate your designs.

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