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One where you get to do what you love for a living and make a great income from it?...

Great... Let's do it!


I Know it's not easy... 

Creating an amazing jewellery business that makes a profit!

Designing a stand-out collection, getting seen online amongst the sea of other jewellers, taking beautiful photographs, attracting your ideal customers, knowing what to do and when, pricing your jewellery and keeping on top of your making skills... 

  • You set up a store on Etsy and struggle to get sales 
  • Create your social media accounts and can't get noticed amongst all the noise 
  • Get some sales in but can't grow and get momentum
  • Feel like jewellery making isn't going to pay the mortgage - the numbers aren't adding up! 
  • And don't want to spend all of your time working on the business when you love making jewellery and being creative! 

I have 100% been there!

And there is another way...

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Learn with Us!


We Know the tricks of the trade

They are not tricks really, just practical, easy to follow support and advice on what to do to build your business... 

My team and I have trained 1000s of jewellers in techniques to set up and build their jewellery businesses! Through the Jewellers Academy Membership we can work together to attract new customers, get you seen and most importantly grow your business and your sales!

You will need to put aside a few hours a week to work on putting these techniques into practice. If you are starting out or growing a jewellery business we will bring you the latest up-to-date information and tried and tested techniques to help you build the best jewellery business possible. 


IF you are Starting out... 

Learn how to start your jewellery business and get it up and running in just 20 days! 

Set up your social accounts, build engagement and attract your first customers 

Price your jewellery, create your initial branding and start getting those sales in. 

Set up as a business, get your insurance, make sure you are complying with all the local business regulations. 


If you are ready to Grow...

Build your following on social media and get direct sales through your various platforms

Get more visitors to your Etsy store or website by working on your SEO 

Improve your jewellery photography (the No1 marketing tool you have!) and work on your brand to attract your ideal customers. 

Re-evaluate your pricing, develop your making skills and network with other jewellers & creatives.




What's in the Membership?

Jewellery Business Courses

Jewellery Business Courses 

The key foundation to our membership are the jewellery business courses.

There are 7 courses specifically designed for jewellers starting out in business and those a year or two in wanting to develop their skills...

1. Launch Your Jewellery Business in 20 Days

2.Create an Irresistible Brand for Your Jewellery Business

3. Let's Get Social! Setting up Your Social Accounts and Getting the First 1000 Likes (coming soon) 

4. Build & Grow Your Online Jewellery Store (coming soon) 

5. Business Matters (coming soon) 

6. How to Price Your Jewellery for Profit (coming soon) 

7. Jewellery Photography (coming Aug/Sept 2018)

Jewellery Making Courses

Jewellery Making Courses

As a member you will have full access to our library of online jewellery making classes which currently includes...

  • The Soldering Masterclass
  • The Silver Jewellery Workshop
  • Beginners Wax Carving
  • Stone Setting in Silver
  • Make Metal Clay Charms
  • Stone Setting in Metal Clay (Torch-Fired Techniques)
  • Introduction to Wire Jewellery
  • Introduction to Fashion Jewellery

As jewellers we have (at least!) two jobs to do, making the work, perfecting our craft and running amazing businesses. With the full membership you will have access to everything you need to build a thriving jewellery business all here in one place.

Monthly Masterclasses

Monthly Masterclasses

Join award winning jewellery entrepreneur Jessica Rose and her expert guests each month in a new masterclass with topics related to building and growing your jewellery business. These sessions will be recorded so you can watch them any time and playback as many times as you like.


Private Facebook COMMUNITY 

Where the magic happens! Get support and connect with your fellow jewellers in the facebook community. This is an exclusive group only for members where you can ask your questions get support and feedback and make friends. We are a super supportive bunch!

Question and Answer Jewellery Business

Q & A sessions

Get your jewellery business questions answered in a monthly LIVE Q&A session with Jessica and her team. Another great way to connect, meet other jewellers and be part of a community of jewellery-loving action-takers!


Exclusive discounts

As a member of Jewellers Academy you will have access to some incredible discounts for your business. Including discounts on classes at the London Jewellery School, discounts of kits and supplies at LJS and we are working on getting some more great discounts with suppliers and relevant businesses to. Watch this space!

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Who you will be learning from...

Jessica Rose Jewellers Academy

Jessica Rose 

Founder of Jewellers Academy & London Jewellery School, Jess has run 5 different jewellery businesses and secured over £4 million in online sales. She will be your guide, supporting you through everything you need to get building your dream jewellery business. 

  • She has run jewellery businesses for over 10 years 
  • Written a jewellery making book 
  • Worked with 1000s of jewellery designers
  • Been featured in national and international press for her jewellery business work 
  • Has trained over 1 million people in jewellery making techniques through online videos


Anna Campbell is a metal clay artist, PGCE qualified teacher and the community manager at Jewellers Academy. She has her own teaching workshop and runs her own jewellery business as well as being the marketing manager at the London Jewellery School. 



Karen is an experienced marketing manager, runs her own jewellery business and etsy store as well as teaching jewellery photography and silversmithing courses at the London Jewellery School. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running a jewellery business. 

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Hayley Kruger is a designer with her own label - Hayley Kruger Adornment. She has a degree in Silversmithing, Jewellery & Allied Crafts and has created designs for Marks & Spencer, River Island, Morgan, Next and Lola Rose. You may also recognise her as a guest designer for Jewellery Maker TV.



Julia Rai is an award winning jeweller and one of the most experienced and qualified metal clay teachers in the UK. She is the first person in the world to achieve the Metal Clay Masters Registry credential at Level IV. She also runs the Metal Clay Academy and is the director of the Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery.

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Sophie Arnott is an experienced designer/ maker with her own jewellery brand (Anvil & Ivy Jewellery) she teaches at the London Jewellery School studios in Hatton Garden as well as at her own workshop.

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What you Can Achieve...


Build your business on your terms

Make money from your passion. Work the hours you choose and make a good living from your trade - yes it is a saturated market but that is not always a bad thing, you can find your own unique way of standing out. 

Develop your making skills and learn new techniques to help push your work forward. 

Take amazing pictures and grow your mailing lists & social media following.

Create a business that you can leave your job for (if you want!) whist making and selling jewellery that you love. 

Overcome the loneliness and isolation that can come from building a jewellery business at home and join us in our friendly, supportive community. We want to help you succeed! 



Ready to Become a member?

Membership is not currently open but will re-open again in early 2019


Membership is valued at £4,898 based on all the individual courses and content put together through out the year - so this is an incredible offer.

Prices may increase at any time. 


Still have some questions about membership? Get in touch 

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Membership Now Includes the Jewellery BUsiness Bootcamp

If you are looking to grow a full-time profitable, sustainable business. The Jewellery Business Bootcamp is an intensive 8-week long course covering all aspects of running your business.


We are not currently running this course live so are offering ALL of the bootcamp resources to members (current and new) as part of their membership (the usual price for the bootcamp is £499 and if we run it again it prices are due to increase).

This offer is only available for a limited time. New members can join the membership and get the bootcamp together.

Want to know more about bootcamp? Click below:


Hear From Our Community...

Sally How
Following this course has given me the confidence to apply for my first British Craft Trade Fair and I’m so happy that I was accepted. I’m really enjoying my business, it’s getting exciting! New business cards are on the way and a new logo is being designed soon... watch this space...
— Sally How of 'How Fine Designs'
Phil Pedal Silver
This online course is a superb way to move your jewellery business to the next level. Fast-paced, full of tasks and content, it provides great value for money. Highly recommended.
— Phil at Pedal Silver
Magpie Secret Jewellery Business
I would recommend the course to anybody looking to start or develop their jewellery business. There is a lot of material, but it’s also great fun and it’s a perfect way to get your business off the ground, or to refocus if you’ve done some of the groundwork but found yourself stalling and lacking direction.
— Clare Linsell of Magpie Secret
Lottie Bird Designs
This course has been invaluable to my budding business. It’s given me the confidence to get out there and create! With a wealth of advice and information, I feel like I now have the tools to start my jewellery business and grow it.
— Charlotte Broom at Lottie Bird Designs