Ready to Start or grow your jewellery business?

A business which helps you get to do what you love for a living and make a great income from it?...

Jewellers Academy Membership

Do you want to…

  • Create a profitable passion business

  • Increase your sales by achieving specific financial goals

  • Build an amazing portfolio of designs

  • Take professional photos for your website that converts customers to ‘buy now’

  • Retain your current customers through credibility, reputation and trust?

  • Gain more visibility and exposure online, through in-depth marketing strategies and skills

  • Receive on-going support and guidance through a committed, friendly community of jewellers?

  • Create a strong business that is an abundant stream of income! ‘Hell Yeah’!

This is EXACTLY what we do!

Great... Let's get started!


First of all… it is 100% possible to run A jewellery business That you love and that makes a Kick-Ass profit!

Gemstones Jewellers Academy

But I know it is not easy when you are starting out…

Designing a stand-out collection, getting seen online amongst the sea of other jewellers, taking beautiful photographs, attracting your ideal customers, knowing what to do and when, pricing your jewellery and keeping on top of your making skills... 

  • You set up a store on Etsy and struggle to get consistent sales

  • Create your social media accounts post regularly but struggle to get noticed among all the noise

  • Get some sales in but can't grow and get momentum

  • Feel like jewellery making isn't going to pay the mortgage - the numbers aren't adding up!

  • And don't want to spend all of your time working on the business when you love making jewellery and being creative!

I have been there!

And there is another way...

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With a strategic plan of action… That works! (Watch the video)


Imagine where you will be in a years time if you START now…


YOUR routes to growth:

IF you are Starting out... 

  • Learn how to start your jewellery business and get it up and running in just 20 days! 

  • Set up your social accounts, build engagement and attract your first customers 

  • Price your jewellery, create your initial branding and start getting those sales in. 

  • Set up as a business, get your insurance, make sure you are complying with all the local business regulations. 

  • Overcome your fears of starting out and enjoy the process of building something you love.

  • Prove to yourself you can do this, ask any questions and get support at every stage.

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If you are ready to Grow...

  • Grow your business through your choice of online sales, fairs and markets, wholesaling, teaching or selling more expensive items.

  • Expand your reach and attract new customers on social media

  • Learn strategies to grow your direct sales through your various platforms

  • Get more visitors to your Etsy store or website by working on your SEO and funnels

  • Improve your jewellery photography (the No1 marketing tool you have!) and work on your brand to attract your ideal customers. 

  • Re-evaluate your pricing, develop your making skills and network with other jewellers & creatives.

  • Learn about wholesaling, outsourcing, growing a team and building the business of your dreams! 

How to sell your jewellery online


Will this really make a difference?

It’s simple, if you commit and put the work in.. then yes!

You are no longer solely a jewellery maker… you are a maker, a marketeer, a photographer, an online content creator, a business owner and maybe an employer. How exciting!

Your jewellery business can grow to be as large as you want it to…

It is not the best jewellers that make the most money

and here is the thing… millions of people spend millions of pounds on jewellery every month! So there is plenty of pie to go round.

Why do some jewellers drop out while others fly?

The ones that grow are the ones that know how to run it as a real business. If that isn’t you (yet) together we can make it happen!

If you put the work in… And you want this… Everything you Can imagine is possible!

(you might need to read that last line again - it’s the truth!)

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How this Programme Supports You...



The key foundation to our membership are the jewellery business courses.

And there are tons of resources for jewellers at all stages of business including:

1. Our 8-week flagship course THE JEWELLERY BUSINESS BOOTCAMP! Aimed at more experienced jewellers. Covering over 50 videos and tutorials to support every aspect of building & growing your business.

2. Launch Your Jewellery Business in 20 Days (a great starter course)

3. Create an Irresistible Brand for Your Jewellery Business

4. Jewellery Photography with Karen Young

5. Online Marketing for Jewellers & Handmade Artists, a 6 week online course to grow your reach and sales online

These courses will guide you in what you need to do next and where to focus your efforts to really grow!

Jewellery Making Courses

Jewellery Making Courses

As a member you will have full access to our library of online jewellery making classes which currently includes...

  • The Soldering Masterclass

  • The Silver Jewellery Workshop

  • Beginners Wax Carving

  • Stone Setting in Wax

  • Stone Setting in Silver

  • Make Metal Clay Charms

  • Stone Setting in Metal Clay (Torch-Fired Techniques)

  • Fancy Bezels, Prongs and Bails in Metal Clay (Advanced)

  • Gemstone and Wire Jewellery

  • Introduction to Wire Jewellery

  • Introduction to Fashion Jewellery

  • Intermediate Silver & Stone Setting for jewellers

And we have a whole bunch of intermediate/ advanced silver and stone setting courses on the way too.

A Jewellers Academy certificate can be requested on completion of each course

Monthly Masterclasses

LIVE Masterclasses

Join award winning jewellery entrepreneur Jessica Rose and featured guests each month in a new masterclass with topics related to building and growing your jewellery business. These sessions will be recorded so you can watch them any time and playback as many times as you like.

Previous class topics include:

  • Ethical Jewellery

  • Wholesaling and high end clients

  • Maximising your christmas jewellery sales

  • Defining your signature style

  • How to create an inspirational jewellery blog

  • Mastering jewellery photography

  • Planning tools & techniques for success

  • Creating engaging video content on mobile

A new LIVE session takes place each month, plus you get access to all previous sessions.



Where the magic happens! Get support and connect with your fellow jewellers in the facebook community.

This is an exclusive group only for members where you can ask your questions get support and feedback and make friends. Jess and Anna are in the group each week as well as lots of lovely members. We are an active, supportive bunch!

Question and Answer Jewellery Business

LIVE Q & A sessions

Get your jewellery business questions answered in a monthly LIVE Q&A session with Jessica and her team. Another great way to connect, meet other jewellers and be part of a community of jewellery-loving action-takers!


MEmber discounts

As a member of Jewellers Academy you will have access to some incredible discounts for your business. Including discounts on classes at the London Jewellery School, discounts of kits and supplies at Cooksons, Kernowcraft, Bellore and we are working on getting some more great discounts with suppliers and relevant businesses to. Watch this space!

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Everyone said you can’t make money from jewellery...


Luckily I didn’t listen… and neither should you…

Jessica Rose Jewellers Academy

If we haven’t Met… HI!

I’M Jessica Rose 

Founder of Jewellers Academy & London Jewellery School, Jess has run 5 different jewellery businesses and secured over £4 million in online sales. She will be your guide, supporting you through everything you need to get building your dream jewellery business. 

  • She has run jewellery businesses for over 10 years

  • Written a jewellery making book

  • Worked with 1000s of jewellery designers

  • Been featured in national and international press for her jewellery business work

  • Has won awards and recognition for her business

  • Has trained over 1 million people in jewellery making techniques through online videos and over 30,000 in-person through her business the London Jewellery School


who are the best in the industry and dedicated to your success!


And did i mention the

Flagship Programme ?


We are not currently running this course live so are offering ALL of the bootcamp resources to members (current and new) as part of their membership.

The bootcamp is a 12-module intensive course covering all areas of running a jewellery business including:

WEEK 1: You and Your Customers
Module 1: Knowing your customer: Goals, Vision and Planning for a Successful Future
Module 2: Build Your Brand: Branding, Visuals & Logos

WEEK 2: Building Your Killer Product
Module 3: Your Jewellery: Collections, Designs & Copywright
Module 4: Pricing your Jewellery for Profit

WEEK 3: How to Market and Sell Like Pro
Module 5: Online Marketing – Social Media and Paid Advertising
Module 6: Online Marketing – Websites and SEO
Module 7: Online Marketing – Blogging, Brand Reps & Email Lists
Module 8: Offline Marketing – PR, Face-to-Face & Sales

Webinars, action points & your questions answered

WEEK 5: Mastering Wholesale & Retail
Module 9: Working with Retailers and managing wholesale

WEEK 6: The Business Nitty Gritty
Module 10: Understanding business and legal matters

WEEK 7: Planning for a Profitable Future 
Module 11: Financial management, forecasting, budgets & accounts
Module 12: Jewellery business growth plan with action points for the future

Bringing it all together and mapping out action plans for your next year in business

There is a LOT to cover so it is not for the faint-hearted!

Using the bootcamp alongside your membership will give you the very best in trainings for your business. It's for anyone who is serious about building and growing a profitable jewellery business.

Want to know more about bootcamp? Click below:


Coming up in membership 2019/2020…

These exciting courses are due to be released throughout the remainder of 2019 into early 2020 - how exciting! (Can you tell we love gemstones?)

Make an Engagement Ring Claw Setting Online Course
Make a Silver Box Online Course Jewellers Academy
Channel Setting Stone Setting Online Course Jewellers Academy
Tracy Spurgin Metal Clay Stone Setting Hinged Cuff Bracelet
Collet Setting Stone Setting Online Course Jewellers Academy

We will be running an update of the Jewellery Business Bootcamp LIVE in January 2020 which will be open to all annual members

PLUS Exciting New programmes on the way for 2020…

The Jewellers Mastermind 2020 (Growing to £50k Turnover) only 8 places

1-2-1 Mentorship Package for Members (upgrade required) only 10 places

More on these to come soon!


Ready to Become a member?

Membership is valued at over £6,000 based on all the individual courses and content put together through out the year - so this is an incredible offer.

Membership is now open and closes for new members on 20th September 2019!


There are two payment options to choose from and there will be a price increase when we re-open so act now to secure the current price for your membership ..


£39 is $50 US approx.

£365 is $476 US approx.

The exact cost in any currency other than GB pound depends on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. You will see the cost in your currency before you process the payment


You can upgrade from annual membership to membership plus at anytime after the launch if you are accepted onto the programme.

Still have some questions about membership? Get in touch 

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Hear From Our Community...

Sally How
Following this course has given me the confidence to apply for my first British Craft Trade Fair and I’m so happy that I was accepted. I’m really enjoying my business, it’s getting exciting! New business cards are on the way and a new logo is being designed soon... watch this space...
— Sally How of 'How Fine Designs'
Phil Pedal Silver
This online course is a superb way to move your jewellery business to the next level. Fast-paced, full of tasks and content, it provides great value for money. Highly recommended.
— Phil at Pedal Silver
Magpie Secret Jewellery Business
I would recommend the course to anybody looking to start or develop their jewellery business. There is a lot of material, but it’s also great fun and it’s a perfect way to get your business off the ground, or to refocus if you’ve done some of the groundwork but found yourself stalling and lacking direction.
— Clare Linsell of Magpie Secret
Lottie Bird Designs
This course has been invaluable to my budding business. It’s given me the confidence to get out there and create! With a wealth of advice and information, I feel like I now have the tools to start my jewellery business and grow it.
— Charlotte Broom at Lottie Bird Designs
Martha Jewellers Academy Membership



I joined Jewellers Academy spontaneously, after watching the Jewellery Photography Masterclass, and I am very happy I did! The online classes have helped me take much better photos and get organised.

- Copper Cauldron Art

Caitie Member Jewellers Academy

Caitlin BARKER


Joining Jewellers Academy felt like coming home! Being a self-taught jeweller working from home can feel lonely. The membership not only has great content, tutorials & inspiration, but is a fabulous community, a place that I belong - you can’t put a price on that.

- When Caitie Met Soda Jewellery


Your Questions Answered

If i join membership is there a minimum commitment?

No, you can join any time and leave anytime (of course we think you will want to stay as there is a truck load of valuable info in there) but if it is not for you, you can easily unsubscribe anytime in your members area.

What level of business is membership for?

We cater to all levels of business from complete beginner through to seasoned pro. The real thing that makes a difference is the work you put in and the specific goals you set yourself in your business. We are here with the how-to’s and motivation to keep you accountable each step of the way.

When can I access the courses?

Anytime! All courses and videos are recorded (even LIVE masterclasses) so you can watch and take action at your own leisure to fit around your lifestyle and commitments. Plus if you miss anything you can go back and watch again, as many times as you like.

I don’t run a business but want to learn to make jewellery can I join

Yes you can, we have tons of jewellery making courses and that alone is worth being a member for. However we may well convince you to start a business, because… jewellery businesses are awesome! #justsaying

I’ve got making down but want to really scale my business can I join?

Yes, yes and yes! Membership would be perfect for you, let’s get that business growing!

I am not based in the UK

We have members from all over the world and everyone is welcome and invited - come join the jewellery business party!

Still Not Sure?

Try a free course with me to see how well we could work together to grow your business.

Instagram for Jewellers >

Or watch the more in-depth behind the scenes into membership video below:


Ready to make this happen?

Any other questions? Drop me an email

I look forward to working together and growing your amazing business!

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