Personal versus business Instagram account - which do you choose?



Instagram is an important tool right now for jewellers but one issue can prove a stumbling block - do you choose a personal or a business page? Let's look at the pros and cons

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Hi lovely jewellers. Thanks so much for all your engagement with our FREE Instagram for Jewellers online course, we’ve really loved seeing all your beautiful work and we appreciate all the tips and hints you’ve shared.

There has been some discussion in the Facebook group and on Instagram about whether to move from a personal to a business account on Instagram so we thought we would weigh in on this issue. One of the key worries that you’ve shared is that moving to a business account on Instagram may impact the amount of followers your posts are shown to in the future. As this has happened with Facebook pages; and as Instagram is owned by Facebook we definitely understand your concerns so we thought we’d break down the pros and cons - business versus personal!

the main benefits of a personal instagram account:

  • You can set your account to private meaning you can vet and check anyone before allowing them to see your  Instagram feed (although if you have a business you should try to be as visible and discoverable as possible)
  • You can link to multiple Facebook pages. With a business Instagram account you can’t do this currently
  • Instagram is simpler on a personal account because you have less functionality

the main benefits of a business instagram account:

  • You can get useful analytics on the popularity of your posts, the best times of day to post and more. This is so helpful as without this guidance it can feel a bit hit and miss as to why one post does well and another doesn’t
  • You can use Instagram advertising and promoted posts
  • You can add a contact button to your profile which you can link to your phone number, directions or an email address
  • You can have web links to your products in your Instagram stories (if you have over 10,000 followers - start building them up!)
  • And you can use highlights. This allows you to save your chosen Instagram stories to your account permanently as ordinarily a story is only there for 24 hours and then disappears

This is definitely an issue with pros and cons but if you are in business and wanting to sell and promote your work we really recommend a business Instagram account. Currently it is easy to switch back to a personal account if you decide to and the benefits for your business outweigh the drawbacks.


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