How to Get Your Jewellery Business Featured in Magazines

Episode 9


Ever thought it would be great to get your jewellery some press attention? Perhaps aiming for some features in glossy mags? Join Jess this episode to find out how to get your business featured....


Welcome to Episode nine of the Jewellers Academy Video Podcast! It is wonderful to have you here.

Today we are coving an exciting topic that could really help to increase exposure, sales and credibility in your jewellery business; that is getting featured in magazines. 

Of course we can pay to be featured in magazines (by taking out an advert) but it is far more effective when you get featured because the editor has chosen to feature you (editorial). 

It takes work and dedication but with some effort and perseverance you can run your own mini-press campaign for your jewellery business. Watch this episode to find out how to get going with pitching to journalists and building press attention around your business. 


In this Episode we will be covering:

-      Which magazines to target and how to research them beforehand

-      The do's and don'ts of pitching to journalists (over the phone and in person) 

-      How to stand out from all the other pitches with great content

-      Sending samples to journalists, bloggers and influencers 

-      How to prepare your jewellery business for a press drive 

It's a good one! I have packed lots in and it is an exciting topic, covering great opportunities for your jewellery business. 

There is no better feeling than seeing your jewellery in print for the world to discover, well, maybe seeing it on actual people is a step up, but it comes pretty close.

Do let me know how you found this episode and how you get on with pitching for your jewellery business. 


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Happy Making



Jess x