How to create an amazing blog

Episode 29


Why start a blog? What can it do for your jewellery business? Find out here!


Welcome to Episode 29 of the Jewellers Academy Video Podcast! It is wonderful to have you here.

Why start a blog? What can it do for your jewellery business?

Well, have you struggled getting traffic to your website? Do you have products for sale but you’re just not getting the views you want? A blog could be part of the answer.

Having one helps with SEO (meaning more traffic to your website)

It is a great way to connect which customers and build the, Know, like, trust factor - Including links to products in your blog post will direct customers and increase sales So it's a GREAT marketing tool when done well.

The crucial thing… Is committing to it. One or two blog posts won’t cut it, we need to do at least a year of posting and building to test if it will bring results for you (I’m sure it will)

Start with once a month, keeping it regular. Consistency is key.

Batch creating your content is a great idea. This means scheduling in some writing time and sitting down to write a bunch of posts. That way when you are caught up in the busy day-to-day of your business you still have content to share. Choose a platform for your blog – if you have a website they are likely to have a blog element you can use too.

Schedule your content and share across your social media platforms to build engagement.


Don’t worry, blog posts do not need to take a long time, or be super long! A few hundred words and some lovely images, short and sweet can work well for jewellery blogs.

As always… Consider what your ideal customer is likely to be interested in (as well as your jewellery) for topic ideas.

Some ideas for you…

You can partner with other bloggers to do a blog swap (more traffic for both of you)

Your blog is the part of your website where you can tell stories, share about behind the scenes, new product launches, materials and other topics that could interest your customers.

Consider promoting top posts on facebook/ Instagram ads. Maybe even as a boosted post for £10-20 can help more of your followers to see it.

Always include a clear call-to-action in your blog posts and newsletter signup space

Have fun with your blogging!

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