Instagram Stories For Your Jewellery Business - The Complete Guide

Story Time!


In case you haven’t heard… instagram stories is where it is at right now. But with a million other things to do in your jewellery business how can you keep on top of what they are and how to create ones that bring in the customers? That’s where we come in. See below for our complete guide on using insta stories, along with video tutorials taking you from the beginning to a stories pro…


To kick things off let’s look at the basics…

Instagram stories are elements that you can add to your instagram account (pictures, text or videos) they last 15 seconds each and in many cases you will upload a series of stories to make up a… well… story. They are only shown for 24 hours and are usually fairly quirky and fun, less serious than your feed where you usually post images.

The idea came from showing the ‘story’ of what you are up today, but has since evolved and you can now use stories to show pretty much anything you like… a new collection, host a competition, show off some new tools, a video of your workspace, what inspires you, some new gemstones, the list is endless.

To get a feel of what stories are and how to use them watch the part 1 video below to see where they are on insta and how to view them.

If you know the basics you can skip to the next sections - scroll on down.

Part 2

Now let’s take a look at how to create stories using simple images and text to start with. I recommend watching the videos and then having a play to try them out. Remember they don’t have to be perfect, are only up for 24 hours and are a bit of fun too.

Part 3

Stickers are really useful for getting more people on instagram to find you and see what you are posting. Using the location sticker and hashtag stickers help you to show up in the search results. Whist asking questions and getting interactions from your followers tells instagram to show more of what you are posting to them - so is all win win!

Watch the video below to learn more about posting stickers on your stories.

Part 4

Another useful too to use is the paintbrush. Lovely for adding a handmade type feel to your stories and that personal touch. See the video below on how to make the most of the paintbrush feature.

Part 5

Now we know about creating some lovely content it is time to evaluate what is working and do more of that. This is very valuable information for us business owners as we can learn from our followers and improve our content as we go along with our insta stories.

Part 6

It’s a good idea to have some branded ‘highlights’ featuring your most sucessful stories. See the short video below on how to create highlights.

Part 7

Finally you may want to create graphics to put into your insta stories. Or to crop you photos to size with some background space too. This video shows you how to do this is a free online programme called Canva.


Well done for making it this far!

Now its time to put all the hard work into practice. If you haven’t already be sure to sign up to take part in the 7 day Instagram Stories Challenge for Jewellers starting Monday 17th September. We will be posting together throughout the week and I can’t wait to see all your lovely stories.  


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