What Should I Email My Customers?

Episode 16


Ok so we know it is important to build a list and engage with our customers, but what on earth do we say to them? Have a listen…


Welcome to Episode 16 of the Jewellers Academy Video Podcast! It is wonderful to have you here.

Today’s tutorial is all about what to email your customers in your jewellery business.

In this Episode we will be covering:

  • How to avoid the worry of spamming by focusing on adding real value to your customers.

  • Setting up automation and developing a welcome sequence

  • Topic ideas of what to cover in your emails

  • Storytelling in your emails

  • Being specific about what customers can do next

  • Re-purposing content from blogs and social media

  • Looking to solve problems for your customers

Have a listen - make some notes if you like and then make a plan for any changes/ updates you are going to put in place to make a difference in your business.

Well done for all the hard work you are putting in - it will be worth it in the long run. Small changes each week add up to big changes over all.


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I look forward to seeing you over there soon,


Happy Making



Jess x