What Would You Do With £1000 For Your Jewellery Business?


Introducing a new grant programme for jewellers. Apply for £1000 to help grow your jewellery business.

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Pricing Your Jewellery For Profit

We all know that pricing your jewellery can be a real challenge in your business, and it is more of an art from than a science, but there are some guidelines we can follow that can help us in the process. Watch the video lesson below to learn all about pricing effectively. 

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Creating a Vision for your Jewellery Business


Vision is what drives us forward. Let’s take a look at why a vision is key to the success of your business and how to create one. 

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Branding For Your Jewellery Business with Jessica Rose


Build a brand for your jewellery business. Look at the five keys to building your brand and practical actions you can take to get started right away. 

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1-Page Business Plan for Your Jewellery Business with Jessica Rose


Business planning helps get your thoughts in order but can take time. Use Jessica’s one-page business planning tool to map out your business. Suitable for all levels of jewellery business.

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Start A Jewellery Business: Top Tips with Jessica Rose


Hello and welcome to Episode one of the Jewellers Academy Video Podcast! It is wonderful to have you here…. To kick us off, for the next three weeks we are going to be following the three-part video course on ‘Starting a Jewellery Business’.

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5 ways to get to know your customer

Knowing what makes your customer tick is without a doubt one of the hardest (but the most critical) aspects of creating a successful business.

Intimately knowing your customer can positively impact every aspect of your business from where you sell your products, to the designs and materials you use, your product descriptions, and even your marketing pitches and copy.  If you know what makes she (or he!) tick you can tap into their hopes and dreams to make what you have to sell irresistible to them.  But, getting to know your customer does take time and effort and will be a continual process. 

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