Making More Money in your Jewellery Business

Episode 20


Sounds good right? Join me in this video to look at how you could be making more money in your jewellery business.


Welcome to Episode 20 of the Jewellers Academy Video Podcast! It is wonderful to have you here.

Often jewellers start making as a hobby but if you want to make that into a business or if you have a business and you want to make more then this is the episode for you!

Some key topics covered include:

- Diversifying your income

- Ways to demonstrate your value through your pricing and branding

- Opportunities to add value including working on commissions, additional services, upselling and more

- Managing your spending

Episode timings

0-37 secs - Introduction

37 secs - Why you should diversify your income and ways to do it

2 mins - Charge more!

3 mins - Branding

4 min 18 secs - Upselling. What is your platinum service?

7 mins 7 secs - Additional services e.g. engraving, stone setting

7 mins 44 secs - Working with high end materials increases your profit

8 mins 28 secs - Weddings

9 mins 20 secs - Commissions

9 min 54 secs - Manage your spending!

11 mins 10 secs - Targeting the right audience

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Happy Making



Jess x