Building a Website for Your Jewellery Business



It's that time again, we are hosting some FREE live webinars on how to build a website for your jewellery business that sells! Read on to find out more and sign up to one of the sessions...

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Hooray it's webinar time! 

Do you need a website for your jewellery business? Has is been on your to-do list forever lost amongst the sea of other 'business' things you really need to sort out?

If so you are not alone. 

Websites are one thing that are so easy to procrastinate on and the main reason why is because them seem daunting - so many things to get done. 

So let's do it together, one step at a time... 

You may already have a website but know its time to give it a little love. If you wish you had more visitors or sales to your site this workshop is also designed for you. We will be looking at key steps you can take to get more visitors and sales to you site. 

Around 80% of people in the US and UK shop online, so having a website as a jewellery designer is crucial! It is the easiest way for customers to find you, get to know you and follow-through to make a purchase. And what's more, creating and building a website is fun - it is a creative process, involving design, consideration and technicality - just like jewellery (you can see I'm trying here :-) 



  • How to set up your online jewellery store quickly (if it has been on your to-do list forever!)

  • What platforms to use and how to get started with a DIY approach

  • Key features your jewellery store needs to thrive
  • What actions you can take if your store isn’t getting sales
  • Tools and techniques to save time and get results in your online business

It's all free, a great way to kickstart your business and as we get lots of lovely jewellers join us on our webinars, it is also a wonderful chance to meet other jewellers and network with them online. 

To join in the fun, sign up to one of the four dates below: 

Thursday 5th July: 7:30pm (London Time) -  Book Now

Monday 9th July: 1pm (London Time) - Book Now

Wednesday 11th July: 7:30pm (London Time) - Book Now

Tuesday 17th July 11am (London Time) - Book Now

Check the time conversation to your local time here:

Places are limited so save your spot ASAP before they are all gone. 

I look forward to learning more about you and seeing you on the webinar soon



Jess x