Build a handmade jewellery business

Episode 22


Join me in this latest free video tutorial where I run through 10 things you can get started with straight away to launch and build your handmade business.


Welcome to Episode 22 of the Jewellers Academy Video Podcast! It is wonderful to have you here.


1. Find your niche and focus on it.

2. Get to know your customers

3. Set up online - reserve your online real-estate

4. Growth takes time - and that's ok!

5. Embrace photography - you are now a photographer too.

6. Get the business bits sorted early

7. Open a separate bank account (it is so worth it!)

8. Invest in your branding

9. Always be learning

10. Sell online - it's the future!

To find out more do watch the video and I look forward to seeing you in another one very soon.

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