How to Sell Your Jewellery Without Being Salesy

Episode 10


Ever feel awkward when trying to sell your handmade jewellery? Love the making but hate the selling part? You are not alone!

Join Jess in this weeks video podcast with practical steps and actions you can take to master your selling technique and enjoy the process of selling your beautiful work! A wonderful skill for every jeweller to learn.


Welcome to Episode ten of the Jewellers Academy Video Podcast! It is wonderful to have you here.

Today we are looking at how to approach the selling process, whether it be online or in-person and what you can do to sell your work with confidence and integrity. 

In this Episode we will be covering:

  • Techniques you can start using straight away to improve your selling style

  • How to sell even if you are shy or feel uncomfortable

  • Taking the focus off you and putting it in to your customers

  • Being your authentic self and selling your way

  • How to sell online and in-person

& much more! 

This is a topic that many of us struggle with. Jewellery is so personal and the fact that we have made it makes it much harder emotionally to sell. 

But selling is a skill and no matter how bad you feel you are at it (or good) there is always more we can learn and making mistakes along the way is all part of the process. 

Do come and tell us about your selling stories in the comments below and I do hope you enjoy this weeks content. 


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Happy Making



Jess x


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