The Silver Jewellery Workshop


Train as a Jeweller with this Professional Online Course for Beginners in Making Silver Jewellery & Silversmithing at Home

Delivered by the award winning London Jewellery School

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Course Overview: 

In this video-based online course, learn how to make professional soldered silver rings and cut out charms and pendants in sterling silver with expert tutor and jeweller Michelle Leaver. The course can be accessed at anytime 24/7 and you have unlimited access to come back to it in the future with your Jewellery School Online account. 

Key Techniques: 

  • Learn to set up your home jewellery workshop, what basic tools you need any where to source them 
  • How to mount saw blades in a saw frame and create a pickling solution for your silver jewellery 
  • How to cut metal and make a soldered ring to size 
  • Top tips and tricks for soldering and how to create a perfect join on your silver ring 
  • Michelle guides you though each stage of the process so the course is suitable for beginners and intermediate jewellers
  • How to use a jewellers saw to cut intricate shapes and designs in silver, copper or gold. 
  • How to file and sand your piece correctly to get a professional smooth finish 
  • Polishing techniques for your handmade silver jewellery 
  • Texturing the silver using hammers and stamps 
  • Everything you need to make beautiful solid silver jewellery from home using traditional techniques 

What Can I Make?  

The Silver Jewellery Workshop Examples

Soldered rings of all shapes and sizes, textured pieces, silver charms, pendants and earrings. The world is your oyster :-)