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Love making things…

but dread the 'marketing side' of selling your handmade work online?

Maybe you do a bit of Instagram and post some things on Facebook, try updating your Etsy store but the sales are JUST. NOT. THERE.

If this is you, you are not alone, I have been there and there is a simple solution.


You just need to find the path that works for you and your customers, focus and do it consistently. That is what I am here to help you with...



Focus is the Key !


Join me, in this online course covering all you need to know to develop a robust, simple, actionable marketing plan for your handmade business that you can execute in less than 1 hour a day (if you are full-time) and 30 mins a day if you are part-time.

The key areas we will focus on are:

  • Instagram (THE social platform for anything handmade)

  • Email marketing (the holy grail)

  • On-site website conversions (so important)

  • Funnels and creating a great experience for your customers online (bringing it all together)

  • And the art of copywriting and story telling (what your customers really care about - connection to you)

  • How to use paid advertising to your advantage to GROW your business.

This is an intense, short but in-depth course taught through a series of 6 LIVE masterclasses between July and October 2019. With a break over the summer holidays.


Let’s Build Your Marketing PLan Together…

By the end of the course you will have a simple and effective marketing plan and techniques for sticking to it. Including your social media content, content marketing (blogs, videos, podcasts, IGTV), on-website conversion tools, email marketing and more.

The course is aimed at two levels…

  • Part-time makers/ business owners

  • Full-timers

We set your marketing goals based on what time and commitment you have to keep you on track.

Having run online courses for jewellers and makers for years we know…

The community is priceless

So come and get support on your makers marketing journey with us…

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There are 6 live sessions - you can join us for the whole course (which includes all six) or sign up for them individually.

Please do not worry if you can't make them LIVE, if you sign up to the course you will get on-going access to all of the recordings to watch anytime that works for you.


Tues 2nd July, 8:15pm (British Summer Time)


Tues 9th July, 8:15pm (British Summer Time)

WEEK 3: Copy writing and Storytelling in Your Handmade Business 

Tues 16th July, 8:15pm (British Summer Time)


WEEK 4: Content Marketing for Makers

Tues 17th Sept, 8:15pm (British Summer Time)

WEEK 5: Facebook (and insta) Adverts for Your Handmade Business

Tues 24th Sept, 8:15pm (British Summer Time)

WEEK 6: Website Sales, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin

Tues 1st Oct, 8:15pm (British Summer Time)


But I’m Awful at Technology


Well my friend you are going to get un-awful! And that is why I am here to help.

As makers we are not trained in marketing and technology but there are simple solutions and oodles of support for you to learn.

Learning something new is a great way to get new energy into your business and you life. I am here to guide you through all you need, and know that…

YouGot This !

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What Will I GET From This?

So glad you asked… here’s the plan:

  • More online sales

  • Greater support and community around you

  • More engagement in your social media

  • Increased visits to your website or Etsy store

  • A clear action plan to follow

  • Guilt-free making time, knowing your marketing is sorted!

  • A clear content plan for creating marketing materials in your business.

Here are the practicals:

  • Access to 6 LIVE masterclasses with Jessica Rose & the team (to watch anytime)

  • Supporting workbook/ notes you can download

  • Special bonus content for members

  • Members supportive Facebook community (for members)

  • Templates and print-outs to work from


JOin before it’s too late…

This is a LIVE course and is available on a first-come-first-serve basis… be sure to save your spot on the course

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Hear From Our Community...

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I am passionate about supporting designer-makers

I am here for YOU. If you need support to grow your business, I believe in you and am ready to help… along with my awesome team of makers with decades of experience in this field.

Marketing is a passion of mine after seeing the transformative effect it has on makers I have worked with.

(if you are new to Jewellers Academy you can find out more about us here)

So come and join me to learn all about how you can improve your marketing efforts, see real results in your business and make some lovely online friends while you are at it!

I look forward to seeing you all on the course when we kick off on 2nd July 2019,

with love,

Jess x