Join the 7-Day Instagram Stories Challenge for Jewellers


insta stories are hot right now...

  • Want to grow your following?
  • Kickstart back in to things after the summer break?

  • Boost your business in time for the Christmas Sales? 

  • Learn techniques for improving your stories on instagram? 

  • Get to know your audience better? 
  • And of course get those sales in for your jewellery business? 

Instagram is still 'where it is at' for growing your jewellery business and stories are the hottest ticket right now. Even if you are posting regularly, upping your story-game will make a HUGE difference to your page views and overall following. 

And we want to help you get there...

There is nothing like a challenge for motivation so join me and all the jewellers for the 7 day insta story posting challenge starting Monday 17th September 2018. 

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              We will Look At 

Techniques to boost your stories


  • using video
  • hashtags
  • locations
  • creating on-brand graphics
  • tried and tested ways to up your engagement, page-views
  • and of course your relationship with your audience

Plus it's going to be a world of fun! 

Together we are stronger!

I am so looking forward to posting together and as always not only is this an amazing time to grow your audience of customers, it is also a great way to connect with other jewellers and build up your support in the industry. I will be posting each day at @jewellersacademy and can't wait to see your instas grow.


Sign up below to get daily support, tips and prompts for the 7 day challenge and let's get storying together! 


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