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See below for dates and links to our monthly Masterclasses and Q&A sessions for members of Jewellers Academy...   

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Here are the links to the live sessions each month for members of Jewellers Academy. You can find the password for the current month in your members bulletin email.

The replays, notes and passwords for previous months can be found in the members area of the website by logging into your Jewellers Academy account and clicking on Jewellers Academy membership.

May 2019

MASTERCLASS - Tuesday 21st May, 8.15pm - Exhibiting at trade shows with Elin Horgan

Q&A with Jessica Rose and Karen Young - Join here >

April 2019

MASTERCLASS - Thursday 25th April, 1pm - Growing your Jewellery Business Through Teaching with Julia Rai

Q&A with Jessica Rose and Anna Campbell - Tuesday 16th April, 8.30pm Join here >

march 2019

MASTERCLASS - Wholesaling and High-End Clients with Sima Vaziry

Q&A with Jessica Rose and Karen Young Join here >

february 2019

MASTERCLASS – Tuesday 19th February, 1pm - Creating amazing video content on your mobile with Jessica Rose

Q&A with Jessica Rose and Anna Campbell - Tuesday 12th February, 8.30pm Join here >

January 2019

MASTERCLASS – Thursday 17th January, 8pm - Planning for Success in 2019

Q&A with Jessica Rose and Anna Campbell - Friday 25th January, 1pm - Join here >


MASTERCLASS – Monday 10th December, 1pm - Ethical Jewellery with Stuart Pool

Q&A with Jessica Rose and Anna Campbell - Friday 14th December, 1pm - Join here >

November 2018

MASTERCLASS - Friday 9th November, 1pm Maximise Your Christmas Jewellery Sales with Jessica Rose - Join here>

Q&A Session - Tuesday 20th November, 1pm - Join here >

October 2018

MASTERCLASS - Wednesday 17th October, 8pm Writing stand out copy for your jewellery business with Jo Trickett - Join here>

Q&A Session - Friday 26th October, 1pm - Join here >

September 2018

Q&A Session - Tuesday 18th September, 1pm - Join here >

MASTERCLASS - Thursday 27th September, 1pm Mastering Jewellery Photography with Karen Young - Join here>


MASTERCLASS - Thursday 9th August 1pm, How to Create an Inspirational Jewellery Blog with Anna Campbell - Join here > 

Q&A Session - Thursday 16th August, 1pm - Join here > 

July 2018

Q&A Session - Friday 13th July - Join here > 

MASTERCLASS - Thursday 26th July Developing Your Signature Style as a Jeweller with Jessica Rose - Join here > 


Please note we use an app called crowdcast to host monthly sessions. We recommend using a chrome or firefox browser to take part and if you are watching from an iphone or ipad you can download the crowdcast app. Any questions, give us a shout -

All times refer to the current time in London UK. BST or GMT