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See below for dates and links to our monthly Masterclasses and Q&A sessions for members of Jewellers Academy...   

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february 2019

MASTERCLASS – Tuesday 19th February, 1pm - Creating amazing video content on your mobile with Jessica Rose

Q&A with Jessica Rose and Anna Campbell - Tuesday 12th February, 8.30pm Join here >

January 2019

MASTERCLASS – Thursday 17th January, 8pm - Planning for Success in 2019

Q&A with Jessica Rose and Anna Campbell - Friday 25th January, 1pm - Join here >


MASTERCLASS – Monday 10th December, 1pm - Ethical Jewellery with Stuart Pool

Q&A with Jessica Rose and Anna Campbell - Friday 14th December, 1pm - Join here >

November 2018

MASTERCLASS - Friday 9th November, 1pm Maximise Your Christmas Jewellery Sales with Jessica Rose - Join here>

Q&A Session - Tuesday 20th November, 1pm - Join here >

October 2018

MASTERCLASS - Wednesday 17th October, 8pm Writing stand out copy for your jewellery business with Jo Trickett - Join here>

Q&A Session - Friday 26th October, 1pm - Join here >

September 2018

Q&A Session - Tuesday 18th September, 1pm - Join here >

MASTERCLASS - Thursday 27th September, 1pm Mastering Jewellery Photography with Karen Young - Join here>


MASTERCLASS - Thursday 9th August 1pm, How to Create an Inspirational Jewellery Blog with Anna Campbell - Join here > 

Q&A Session - Thursday 16th August, 1pm - Join here > 

July 2018

Q&A Session - Friday 13th July - Join here > 

MASTERCLASS - Thursday 26th July Developing Your Signature Style as a Jeweller with Jessica Rose - Join here > 


Please note we use an app called crowdcast to host monthly sessions. We recommend using a chrome or firefox browser to take part and if you are watching from an iphone or ipad you can download the crowdcast app. Any questions, give us a shout -

All times refer to the current time in London UK. BST or GMT