Ways to pay for Jewellers Academy Membership




Jewellers Academy Membership is now open to new members. But where will you find the money to pay for it? Here are a few ideas

how to pay for jewellers academy membership


Jewellers Academy membership is currently £365 with code JAN2019 at checkout but it will be going back up to £499 after this so get £134 off now! (Price will increase on 1st February 2019)

Business expense

Remember that membership counts as a business expense and you can put it on your tax return. If you have a business account can you pay for it from that?

Have a sale

If you have some old stock or materials that you want to move on then have a sale. There are lots of ways to do this including checking Facebook for destashing pages, selling via Instagram stories, Ebay, offering a percentage discount on Etsy, telling your followers on Facebook what you’re raising money for and more.

Check your accounts

Are you paying for anything you shouldn’t be? Check your direct debits and make sure you cancel membership to that gym you never go to or that magazine subscription you never read anymore.

Sell old items

Do you have anything you could sell on ebay? Clothes or old phones? You could also take a look at Music Magpie or a similar site to sell old CDs, DVDs, books etc

Is it really about the money?

Some people say they don’t have enough money but actually when they are honest with themselves it is more that they don’t feel they are worthy of the investment. How much is it worth to you to have specific jewellery related business courses? The opportunity to ask someone who has run a successful business questions about your own business? Online courses that you can watch as often as you like? A supportive community who can help hold you accountable to your goals and take you seriously? Is that worth £1 per day?

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Jewellers Academy membership is an online resource designed specifically for jewellers. Founded by Jessica Rose, Director of the London Jewellery School, Europe’s largest jewellery training provider.
Jewellers Academy membership gives you access to a library of jewellery business resources including the 8-week jewellery business Bootcamp, jewellery photography course, and more as well as monthly masterclasses, a thriving community, exclusive discounts and an access-all-areas pass to our online jewellery making courses.

It is the complete package of support and training for jewellery designers.

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